About Heather

heather-hall-profileHeather Hall designs and makes fine felted textiles and elegantly practical apparel and accessories. Each piece is one of a kind and made by hand using top-quality natural materials. She has a non-traditional and self-directed art education in fiber arts, ceramics, book arts, fashion design, felting and pattern making. She is inspired to make things that can be loved and lived with everyday. She takes pleasure and pride in making things and passing on the pleasure of slow, understated, timeless luxury. She believes in choosing with care objects that inspire, are well made and will last. Within the collection, the over-riding philosophy is that all materials are natural, all items are made with integrity and every piece is unique.



Natural felt is made from wool that is matted using friction, heat, soap and water, often described as wet felting. It is one of the earliest techniques for making textiles believed to be in use for more than 8,000 years. Nuno felt is a contemporary technique of felting (or fusing) wool to a woven or knit fabric. The result is a fabric that is lighter and more airy than traditional wool felt.